Anne, Alex, Muffy and Ruby

By 6 years ago

Gillian is the absolute sweetest person you will ever meet!!!! She really went above and beyond to make our wedding day ‘paw-fect’ ! Nothing was too much of a hassle for her. Our fur-babies, Ruby and Muffy loved her so much and she made them both comfortable throughout the day – even when the bagpipes came out at the ceremony! Our doggies experience was very well documented by Gillian – I still haven’t been able to look through all the high quality photos she captured during the day ! The outfits she made for Ruby and Muffy were gorgeous and seemed surprising comfortable – both dogs moved with ease and were very happy fulfilling their roles as “Best Dog” and “Dog of Honour” . We would like to thank Gillian for making our wedding day so special and allowing us to have our fur babies involved in the experience. Anne and Alex —— ‘Woof, Woof” – Muffy and Ruby.