Pets at Weddings – Trotting down the Aisle

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Pets at Weddings – Trotting down the Aisle

There’s pets at weddings and then there’s pigs walking PIG down the aisle.

Kylie Bennett speaks to the Daily Mail about getting pets at weddings. Peter and Sarah wanted their two babies at their wedding. Piggy Smallz the 90kg pig and her little brother Morph the Bull dog. Transporting pets to weddings is a part of the service, but how do you get such a large pig there?

With any wedding we do we ensure that we find out what each pet LOVES, this makes the day easier as a handler and more enjoyable for the pets involved. When we sat down with Peter and Sarah from the Gold Coast we discussed what they wanted from their day. This including what part their two babies were going to play at the ceremony. It became very clear to us just how much it meant to have them both there. We knew Morph  wouldn’t be an issue at all on the day. However miss Piggy Smallz had never been in a horse float before. We had to ensure she was going to be okay getting into the float.

This is where finding out what each pet LOVES comes into play. Peter and Sarah said she would do nearly ANYTHING for a piece of sweet apple. Apple it is, a treat bag full of delicious apples and a little bit of patience saw that after about half an hour miss Piggy Smallz was happy to step into the float and start her way to the wedding!

We arrived and got the pair of them looking fabulous. Piggy Smallz wore a hand made half flower crown matching colours of the bridal party and Morph looked dashing in a wooden tie. Once they were ready they greet guests as they arrived. Walking down the aisle with the rings was their BIG moment! Witness’ of the signing of the certificate and of course posing for photos were all a part of their duties. Once they were done it was time to trot home for some dinner and a well deserved nap.

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